The Top Running Shoes for Men and Women

Are you in the market for new running shoes? Running is great for you! Many people start running in an effort to stay slim and healthy. But running doesn’t only keep you in shape. There are many benefits to jogging on a regular basis. It combats stress, prevents disease, and might even extend your life. Also, contrary to popular belief, running is actually good for your joints and bones.

Regardless of why you want to start jogging, it’s important to wear the proper shoes. The right running shoes will keep your feet safe and secure so that you can keep going. You want it to be comfortable so that you don’t feel discomfort. The fact is that not all sneakers are designed for jogging. When shopping for running shoes, you also have to consider the terrain. Will you be running on the sidewalk in the city or on a trail in nature? Before you visit your streetwear online store, here’s a list of the best running shoes for men and women.

Men’s running shoes: When it comes to men’s jogging shoes, you don’t want to wear your favorite Chucks on sale. Chucks are casual shoes, ideal for walking and every day wear. However, the best running shoes on the market are designed for people who jog on a regular basis. Our favorites include New Balance 420, Free Trainer by Nike, and Desmond by Clae Footwear.

The New Balance 420 shoe is good if you want a lightweight shoe that is breathable. It is comfortable and offers a secure fit. It’s also stylish, which means if you happen to do errands after your run you won’t look so bad.

Women’s running shoes: While there are many running shoes on the market, it’s possible to find a great pair without going over your budget. We recommend WMNS Victoria NM by Nike and Air Max go (GS) by Nike. The first pair is around $50 and is available in black with lime-green Nike logo and bright pink shoe laces and inside trim. The second pair is a little more ($72.99) and is also very stylish. It’s available in grey with white and navy trimmings.