LITAO for Little Boys/Girls Outfits Compression Long Sport Soccer Socks 6 Pack (Kids/Youth Gifts) (Black&White&Blue)

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HIGH QUALITY: Superior quality is the hallmark of our youth soccer socks.
High quality material and elasticity ensure deformation restorability.

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE: Lightweight and breathable socks provide you superior comfort and support.
Our fabric is antimicrobial and moisture wicking to prevent odors and keep your feet cool and dry, so you are enable to stay focused on winning instead of your hot, sweaty feet.

For kids and youth, unisex.

Your satisfaction is the key to our business success. If you have any issue with our socks, we will offer you an effective processing with no hassle.


1. Why there are some soft pieces of thread inside these youth soccer socks?

Our socks are all high-density cotton contained. High cotton content provides well absorbent performance and reduce friction while galloping on the field.
Considered the comfortableness and safety, we insist our socks made of high cotton textile.
To solve this problem, get them washed once or twice it will be well settled.

2. Can I cut off the threads?

Please do not snip those threads off. These socks are sewed up integrated.
More colors and more complex the pattern is, it is inevitable that there will be some threads at the joint.
But we insure that those threads you may find won’t affect their comfort, appearance and value.

3. Are these socks kind of oversize?

The elastic textile of our socks will not bounce below 15 degree Centigrade/59 degree Fahrenheit.
Just wear them and warm them by feet, or if possible wash them by warm water, they will get fit.
Of course they won’t get smaller and smaller after wear and washes.

  • Our youth soccer socks lightly stretchy at the shank part, protect calf muscles and shin bones from impact of high-intensity training.
  • Elastic arch design provide superior longitudinal & transverse arch support. Relieve feet from high-arch biomechanical problem after athletic activities.
  • High pressure at ankle help to protect ankles from sprained and joint.
  • These kids soccer socks’ toweling textile sole not only dry-fit, and anti-skid, a well material for cushion while running. Sweat uptake fabric with thread loops. Those meshes of the instep part keep feet away from sweaty all the time and become hotbeds for bacteria in summer.
  • Youth size conversions 7-14 year-old. Fits youth shoe size 2-6Y.
LITAO for Little Boys/Girls Outfits Compression Long Sport Soccer Socks 6 Pack (Kids/Youth Gifts) (Black&White&Blue)

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